Fun with FanGraphs Fan Projections

  • Fans project Franklin Gutierrez to have a 17+ UZR next year.  Why are FanGraphs readers so smart and yet the commenters seem to be so stupid?
  • Fans project Yuniesky Betancourt to have a -13 UZR.  More proof that angry Mariners fans own the internet.
  • Fans project Mike Sweeney to have over 190 plate appearances.  Somehow, I think not.  Or, if he does end up with ~200 PAs, I sincerely doubt that the majority of them will come as a member of the Seattle Mariners.  Tickles and smiles can only bring so much to the clubhouse.
  • Julio Borbon, a designated hitter, is projected to steal 34 bases by the average FG voter.  That’s one fast DH.
  • Chase Utley is projected to be hit by a pitch 25 times.  How the hell do you predict HBPs?
  • Fans project Kenji Johjima to have 168 at-bats next year.  Oops.
  • In 2009, Mark Reynolds had 662 plate appearances, hit .260, racked up a speed score 0f 4.8, hit 44 homers, drew 76 walks, struck out 223 times, and had 102 runs batted in.  Fans project Mark Reynolds to have 665 plate appearances,  hit .255, earn a 5.0 speed score, hit 37 homers, strike out 219 times, and rack up 108 RBIs.  Apparently the average fan just takes a look at the player’s 2009 total and writes in numbers close to those ones.
  • Fans project Carlos Silva to strike out 3.95 batters per nine innings in 2010.  That would be a full strikeout per nine more than last year.
  • Braden Looper will allow 29 home runs next year, according to FG voters.  If you think that sounds absolutely terrible, you probably didn’t know that he allowed a total of 39 last year.
  • Fans predict that only 6 pitchers will be worth 6 or more WAR next year.  Two of those pitchers play for the Mariners.
  • Fans think Joba Chamberlain will make 39 starts in 2010.  And that he’ll pitch in 52 games.  Mass human error?