First Spring Training Game! Notes


Little bit tougher to write any sort of recap when you aren’t able to actually watch the game, but I’ll attempt to just give a brief rundown.

  • Kenn Kasparek just made my list.
  • Jack Hannahan is still awesome.
  • Casey Kotchman and Adam Moore had two hits each, so they’re off to good starts.
  • Doug Fister and Chris Seddon got absolutely shelled, although Fister did somehow have 5 strikeouts.
  • Milton Bradley apparently pulled a Bill Hall on a bloop double at some point today. Really hope Don Wakamatsu understands that he should really be DH’ing most of the time.
  • As I’m typing this I’ve just noticed that the box score I’m looking at was last updated in the 6th inning. Excellent work
  • Look no further than today’s game to understand why Dave Niehaus is so awesome. This is the first Spring Training game of the year – it doesn’t matter at all. Yet you could still tell how excited he was when we tied it up in the 9th. That’s exactly why we tend to love guys like Dave Niehaus and Dave Sims so much. Genuine excitement is an extremely attractive quality in announcers. 
  • Speaking of our announcers, they seem to be really really impressed by what they’ve seen from Dustin Ackley. This isn’t something that surprises me, but it’s nice to get a little bit more validation. He’s going to be awesome.
  • FSN really needs to televise more ST games – don’t they realize that we’ve been waiting 4+ months to watch baseball?
  • Guillermo Quiroz had a routine pop up bounce right out of his glove today. I think this organization really needs to emphasize catching the ball more when grooming catchers.
  • On an unrelated note, MLB 10: The Show is awesome. I sold my 360 and bought a PS3 just so I could play “The Show” series, and I haven’t regretted it since. Very rarely will I say that a video game was worth it when I paid $70 for it, but this one’s the exception. Speaking of which, I’m going to rap this up so I can get back to playing it.

Spring Training games aren’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but boy oh boy does it feel good to know that baseball is really back.