It’s a Christmas Miracle


Just when I start to believe that Jack Zduriencik can’t get any more amazing, he goes and pulls off a trade that, in my eyes, is even more impressive than the Lee deal. Several sources are now confirming that we will send Carlos Silva to the Cubs in exchange for Milton Bradley.

If you were shocked that we were able to get Cliff Lee for so little – this one is even crazier. We turned a useless, overpaid, aging starting pitcher into a talented, also overpaid, switch hitting DH, who happens to have issues with the media. There might be a little  bit of money exchanged, as Silva is making slightly more than Bradley, but either way, we just filled our need for a DH, either for free, or for no more than a few million dollars.

And make no mistake, Bradley is good. He’s projected to be a 3 win player in 2010 – that number might realistically be more around 2-2.5 with the DH positional adjustment, but we still just traded Carlos Silva for a 2-3 win player, who just so happens to fill one of the team’s biggest needs. It’s important to remember that Bradley was one of the best hitters in the game as recently as 2008 – yes, he dropped off fairly significantly last year, but he was still above average offensively, and at age 32, there’s no reason to think he won’t be again in 2010.

The one issue that people might have with this trade, is the fact that Milton Bradley is notorious for having a bad attitude. This is not something I’m worried about. There’s no better place in the world for a good player with a bad attitude to be than Seattle. I have faith that Griffey, Don Wakamatsu, and the rest of the coaching staff will be able to at least keep him in line – and maybe even, dare I say, happy? You never know.

This trade – this week, is just incredible. Rejoice, and enjoy what is looking like one of the best off season’s this team has ever had.

EDIT: Word from Jon Heyman is that we’ll be sending $6 million to the Cubs over 2 years. Still awesome.

Taylor’s take:

I still don’t believe any of this is actually happening.  Jack Zduriencik has now acquired Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins  and Milton Bradley for three decent prospects and a man who ought to be in the business of sumo wrestling instead of professional baseball. Jack Z is good. Jack Z is great. Jack Z is incredible. The 2010 Mariners are going to be good, really good, and they’re going to get even better before the offseason is through.

World Series dreams are still a stretch with the Yanks being as good as they are, but Zduriencik has done nothing but inspire faith in his abilities.  Who knows what’s going to happen?  The Mariners are back afloat and their captain’s a damn good one.

Dream big, Mariners fans.  We’re in good hands.