Winter Meetings, Day III News


Kevin Millwood to be traded to Baltimore: “Multiple front-office sources have confirmed that Baltimore is close to acquiring Kevin Millwood and cash considerations in exchange from Texas for reliever Chris Ray, a trade that would help flesh out the Orioles’ starting rotation and provide a mentor for their youth-laden staff.” —–  We all know how effective signing a pitcher to serve as a mentor to younger pitchers is.  The Mariners signed Miguel Batista to mentor Felix Hernandez, and hey, it had no noticeable effect.  In fact, Felix’s numbers actually got slightly better when Batista went to the bullpen.

Andy Pettitte to sign with Yanks: “The 37-year-old left-hander agreed to terms on a one-year contract with the Yankees worth $11.75 million on Wednesday, representing a pay raise after he helped secure his fifth World Series championship with the organization.” —–  He’s still good.  He may not be worth his contract dollar for dollar, but he’s still a darn good hurler.  Solid deal for the Yankees.

Randy Wolf —-> Brewers: “The Brewers on Wednesday succeeded in luring free agent left-hander Randy Wolf with a three-year contract that reportedly includes a club option for a fourth year….The Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel reported that the contract includes an option for a fourth year and pegged its guaranteed value at $29.75 million. Other reports on the value of the contract’s first three years ranged from $27 million to $30 million.” —-  I’m not ecstatic about this move from the Brewers’ perspective.  Wolf is a pretty decent pitcher, but he’s very susceptible to injury.  If he makes 30+ starts each year over the next three seasons, I’ll be extremely surprised, to say the least.  Plus by the time Wolf’s fourth year option comes along he’ll be almost 37.

LaTroy Hawkins —-> Brewers, for 2 years: “Hawkins’ contract, which is pending a physical, is worth $7.5 million, according to a Twitter feed by Larry Reynolds, Hawkins’ agent.” —–  Um, he’s 37.  And he’s a reliever.  Bad move.  Milwaukee is clearly suffering from a distinct lack of Jack Zduriencik.

Seattle Mariners sign……. no one.  Yet.

UPDATE: Rangers may sign Rich Harden, and soon.  Crap.