Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship


First off, I don’t want to start anything. But, I am just want to express my supreme disappointed in the Mariners Blogosphere. I have yet to see any mention on any other site. Someone must acknowledge the fact that Jack Zduriencik is the owner of a premier sweater vest collection. Just saying … it’s a vest or a sweet looking mobster suite… with guy like that at the helm how are we going to go wrong this off-season?

Well, okay. Enough of sweater vests. We have an interesting 3 more days ahead of us. How so? Not because Free-Agents are free to start discussing contracts with other teams starting 21 November (15 days after filing). No, that would be 4 days.

No, teams only have 3 more days to finalize their 40 man rosters before the cut off deadline of 20 November. Why is this important? Simple. The rule 5 draft December 12th.

Jabberwocky has a great post over at Purple Row on the rule 5 draft works and some minor details surrounding it. He made up earlier this year as part of a series on MLB rosters and it’s definitely worth the read.

Jon Shields also has a great post about a few potential protected candidates of them right here. Right now as it stands the Mariners have 3 roster positions available on the 40-man roster.

I am still learning about the draft myself. So, I didn’t come up with any type of list for those available. However, as soon as one becomes available.

I have heard a lot of people talk about how its out of date and needs to be revamped. Ive also heard other people say its a great place to pick up undervalued talent. I’m sure both sides have valid points.

The point is there is still a lot going on in the baseball world. We are about to turnover to December and while that means my release from prison it also waves the start flag for free-agent signings, the winter meetings, the rule v draft and more.

Keep that in mind with all the rumors going on, of course now the Mariners are connected to John Smoltz. Lets face it Jay-Z is investigating every possible situation.

Obviously, it comes down to you just can’t every rumor at face value. The Mariners are going to be connected to a lot of deals this off season. Largely because of the amount of roster holes and available budget.

Truth is we are going to be limited with the amount of free-agents we can bring into the organization. That leaves trades as the primary avenue to collect talent and being that we have a very active and involved front office, they are going to get involved at any opportunity to  improve.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls….