Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous


There has been a lot of “Hey, what about this free-agent or this guy or this guy”. We (and that includes me)  forget about how amazing Jack Zduriencik is at acquiring under valued talent. It made me think who is currently under valued and possibly available that I would like to see the Mariners take a look and as they say maybe “kick the tires”.

I have thought a lot about what Dave over at USS:M said about finding a BMW  at a Honda price. Here are few “big” names but really I think most of these guys are being shopped around anyways and could be had a for a reasonable price.

Paul Maholm/Zack Duke – Pittsburgh Pirates

Both left handed and both are 2.5+ WAR pitchers. Both are huge ground ball pitchers (GB% 53.1/49.1) that have good control.  HR/9 are both under 1 and pitching at the safe should keep it low.

There was rumor that both could be moved last year and being that the fire sell saw both Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson traded along with Eric Hinske who was signed in the off season and then traded mid-season.

Both could be gone by opening day.

Ricky Nolasco – Florida Marlins

The Marlins don’t seem to be able to make up their mind about this guy. But let me tell you that all three of us bloggers here at S/M love this guy! There have been rumors that he is available on the market. If that is the case, Jack needs to call down there and work his magic IMMEDIATELY!

Great control, coupled solid strike-out numbers. He is near 200 IP every year giving you a great #2 that will work hard. He should be a Seattle Mariner.

Francisco Liriano – Minnesota Twins

He was the Twins opening day starter last year that quickly ended up the #3 starter and will have to prove he belongs in their starting rotation come spring training. He has ace type stuff but seems to have some sudden control issues leading to big home runs. He is a low risk/high reward type player with his league minimum salary and great talent.

Left handed pitcher, who struggled with his control through out the season. He still maintained an 8 – K/9  and his LD% continued to drop for yet the third straight year coming down closer to league average.

Jorge De La Rosa – Colorado Rockies

I really like what he has done the past two years in Colorado and feel that he could have the potential to be a #2. Yet another left hander with control problems and high strike out ratios. LD% was also a tad high but he has shown that despite playing at Coors Field he can still be a strong pitcher. Really great fangraphs article on him here. He is also a former Milwaukee farm system graduate.

Kevin Correia– San Diego Padres

Has shown that he is a legitimate starting pitcher. The real question is can he translate that to success in the American League. Okay strikeout rates and limited walks are keys to his success along with inducing ground balls and keeping LD% to a minimum.

He may not be an amazing #2 pitcher but as a potential middle of the rotation guy I think he could potentially fill a needed work horse spot.

Aaron Harang– Cincinatti Reds

He is a high risk/high reward type of guy. Maybe a big contract but he can deliver and has in the past.

While he may have “lost” his ace like abilities, his contract isn’t so top heavy that he isn’t worth it. He still has great control averaging only 2.38 BB/9 and puts up nearly 8 K/9. He has run into above average BABIP the past two years along with a pretty high 1.33 HR/9

He still put up 4.3 WAR in the past two years making him at worst a 2 win pitcher with the ability to be a 4 WAR pitcher.

Oh and he also cleared waivers… so maybe the Reds don’t need as much enticement to let him go.

Manny Para – Milwaukee Brewers

He is a late addition to this list. When doing my research and reading through blogs I was shocked how many sounded defeated by his 2009 season. It was as if they were talking about Brandon Morrow.

Yes, his control was lousy and showed in his 4.95 BB/9, but his .365 BABIP didn’t help his cause and he still managed to maintain his 7k’s /9 and drop his LD% to 18%.

If a deal for JJ Hardy is in the works, I wouldn’t mind trying to pry Manny Para from them too.  Heck, a straight Brandon Morrow for Manny Para swap would be alright in my book too.