Preview: Seattle @ Toronto


Blah, blah, blah blah,

Seriously as hard as I try I can’t get myself up for the series. Although I’m looking forward to the final home stand, other than it being the end of a long season. Oakland and Texas are always fun teams to play regardless of the situation.

Being mathematically eliminated the other day just drove the final stake into the coffin.


PosMarinersWARwOBAPosBlue JaysWARwOBA
CRob Johnson0.40.274CRod Barajas0.80.287
CKenji Johjima0.70.293CRaul Chavez0.30.284
CAdam Moore-0.10.099CKyle Phillips-0.10.195
2bJose Lopez2.20.3242bAaron Hill3.70.353
3bJack Hannahan0.80.3043bEdwin Encarnacion0.90.317
SSJack Wilson0.10.253SSJohn McDonald00.261
😕Josh Wilson0.40.2691bKevin Millar-0.80.289
ANYBill Hall00.2631bLyle Overbay1.80.365
1bMike Carp0.20.354SSMarco Scutaro4.30.354
3bAdrian Beltre1.90.299
3bMatt Tuiasosopo0.10.296Outfielders
OfJose Bautista0.80.333
OutfieldersOfJoe Inglett00.317
ofIchiro Suzuki4.90.372OfAdam Lind30.385
ofFranklin Gutierrez50.33OfTravis Snider-0.20.326
ofMichael Saunders00.259OfVernon Wells-0.40.316
ofRyan Langerhans0.60.301
DHDHRandy Ruiz0.50.375
DHKen Griffey Jr.0.10.321
😕Mike Sweeney0.20.334

I just want to point out that Michael Saunder is now worth exactly replacement value. He has brought his wOBA up over 30 points and just thought I’d … throw that out there for what it’s worth.

Pitching Match-ups

Ricky Romero-0.68-0.81X0.581.54XX
Roy Halladay0.08X11.21-0.58XX
David Purcey-0.41-0.76X-0.421.32XX
Brian Tallet-0.6-0.69-2.62X1.96XX
Mariners PitcherwFB/CwSL/CwCT/CwCB/CwCH/CwSF/CwKN/C
Felix Hernandez0.840.76X0.922.43XX
Douglas Fister-1.331.91X-2.922.34XX
Ian Snell0.650.57X-3.710.7XX
Ryan Rowland-Smith0.251.01X2.150.19XX

Thursday: Romero vs. Felix!

Friday: Halladay vs. Fister! (I had to do something to spice this up … he’s going to get rocked again…)

Saturday: Purcey vs. Snell

Sunday: Tallet vs. RR-S

Legitimately Romero vs. Felix should be a great match-up. However Halladay is going to put Fister in his place and then we all have to watch Snell’s foot on Saturday and then RR-S will eat some innings and keep us in the game on Sunday.  Here’s to the final road trip of the year!

Jeremy Accardo0.8-1.3-0.1XX0.9X
Shawn Camp7.60X0.22.1XX
Jesse Carlson-0.84.2XX-0.2XX
Brett Cecil-11.5-5X1.4-1.6XX
Scott Downs4.3-0.3X-0.4XXX
Jason Frasor8.84.5XX0.8-1.6X
Dirk Hayhurst1.2-0.2X-0.70.8XX
Casey Janssen-1.8-5.5-3-1.1-0.6XX
Brandon League-2.7-0.7XX8.5XX
Scott Richmond-9.7-6.1X2.30.4XX
Josh Roenicke-
Marc Rzepczynski-5.610.5X1-1.4XX
Brian Wolfe-4.10-0.5-2.20XX
Seattle MarinerswFBwSLwCTwCBwCHwSFwKN
David Aardsma19.31.5X0X-1.6X
Shawn Kelley4.1-0.8XX-0.3XX
Ian Snell3.60.7X-4.60.8XX
Mark Lowe2.49.8XX-2.1XX
Randy Messenger-1.8-0.6X0.51.2XX
Jason Vargas-2.4-0.3X-4.20.3XX
Miguel Batista-3.8-0.60.3-1-0.2-0.1X
Chris Jakubauskas-4XX1.4-1.5XX
Carlos Silva-5.40.7XX-3.8XX
Brandon Morrow-9.40.7X0.2-1.2XX
Luke French-11.7-0.2XX-1.1XX
Garrett Olson-15.10.1X4.13.8XX

In general … something I’ve noticed is that every day David Aardsma’s fastball is worth more and more… every day Carlos Silva is worth less and less… True story.

I mentioned this being the final road trip of the year for us above. Now just hypothetically since we are in fact out of the mathematical equation for the playoffs… but IF we were in a pennant race let me be frank and honest and say I’d be rather angry that we were on the road at Toronto and Tampa Bay. Am I the only one? That’s some serious traveling to do after a long season. There are 5 teams in the AL central and we couldn’t have round robin’d them to end our road trip, and cause that late season rush and travel to be little less harsh? Just randomly bitter about that … please disregard, as this counts as my random rant for the day.

Side note … I want to go buy an iPhone, just so i can buy Fangraphs app for it.  Yes, I would do that and if you don’t believe me ask my wife.