Preview: Seattle @ Oakland … again?


Wait, didn’t I just do this … yeah I thought so too.

Well things are crazy here for the next few days. I am actually taking this weekend completely off so while you may think that I’ve been taking days off because there hasn’t been much site activity it usually means that I’m working on writing one out or Griffin is or maybe we both are or even heaven forbid we both are on vacations.

Of course the expansion of the rosters has meant that they can activate a few guys off the DL as well as bring up a few guys that we didn’t see last time. But with the exception of game one starter Brett Tomko they are throwing the exact same rotation at us a second time (and vice versa).

I don’t expect another sweep. But, it would be cool.

Position Players

PosMarinersWARwOBA PosAthleticsWARwOBA
 Catchers    Catchers  
CRob Johnson0.40.281 CKurt Suzuki1.90.316
CKenji Johjima0.40.281 CLandon Powell0.50.322
 Infielders    Infielders  
2bJose Lopez1.60.32 1bTommy Everidge-0.20.295
3bJack Hannahan0.60.301 2bMark Ellis0.70.321
SSJack Wilson0.10.239 3bAdam Kennedy1.50.333
😕Josh Wilson0.40.338 SSCliff Pennington0.30.285
ANYBill Hall0.20.257 1bDaric Barton-0.10.275
1bMike Carp00.325 1b/DLNomar Garciaparra-0.40.295
3bAdrian Beltre1.20.3  Bobby Crosby  
 Outfielders    Outfielders  
ofIchiro Suzuki4.30.372 ofRajai Davis30.36
ofFranklin Gutierrez4.70.337 ofScott Hairston0.60.311
ofMichael Saunders-0.20.233 ofRyan Sweeney2.10.349
ofRyan Langerhans0.50.297  Eric Patterson  
 DH    DH  
DHKen Griffey Jr.0.10.322 DHJack Cust0.40.31
😕Mike Sweeney-0.10.321     

I expect walks… walks, and more walks.

Nothing especially new in the line up besides the addition of Mike Carp and he may or may not get any starts this weekend.

Starting Pitchers

Day of StartRoyal PitcherswFB/CwSL/CwCT/CwCB/CwCH/CwSF/CwKN/C
ThursdayBrett Tomko2.691.39X0.21X-12.17X
FridayVince Mazzaro-15.92.1X2-2.5XX
SaturdayBrett Anderson-5.415.3X-1.9-0.4XX
SundayGio Gonzalez-2.2XX5.8-3.6XX
 Mariners PitcherwFB/CwSL/CwCT/CwCB/CwCH/CwSF/CwKN/C
ThursdayIan Snell0.481.83X-5.150.26XX
FridayRyan Rowland-Smith-0.080.58X2.881.31XX
SaturdayLuke French-2.921.34XX2.11XX
SundayDouglas Fister-1.166.14X-0.474.77XX

Thursday: Brett Tomoko vs. Ian Snell

Friday: Vince Mazzaro vs. Ryan Rowland-Smith

Saturday: Brett Anderson vs. Luke French

Sunday: Gio Gonzalez vs. Doug Fister

Like I said pretty much the same exact line up of pitchers being sent out.

Relief Pitchers

Oakland AthleticswFBwSLwCTwCBwCHwSFwKN
Craig Breslow11.7-1.7X0-0.5XX
Jeff Gray0.91.5X0.2XXX
Jay Marshall0.40.2XX-0.2XX
Brad Ziegler-0.12XX2.6XX
Mike Wuertz-2.914X-0.7-0.5XX
Edgar Gonzalez-5.63.1-13.10.7XX
Santiago Casilla-7.62.1XX1XX
Andrew Bailey9.61.853.9-0.1XX
Edgar Gonzalez-5.63.1-13.10.7XX
Dana Eveland-0.90XXXXX
Jerry Blevins-1.10X-0.50.6XX
Seattle MarinerswFBwSLwCTwCBwCHwSFwKN
David Aardsma15.81.1X0X-2.6X
Sean White8.40.2X-1.11.7XX
Mark Lowe0.47XX-2.1XX
Shawn Kelley2.3-1.3XX-0.7XX
Miguel Batista-2.4-0.60-0.9-0.20X
Randy Messenger-3.80.3X-0.50.8XX
Jason Vargas-3.8-0.5X-4-0.3XX
Chris Jakubauskas-5.7XX1.9-1.5XX

And more of the same …

Notes: I know this wasn’t really a comprehensive preview but if you really want to see one .. just hit this up.