A Crow Left of The Murder


Hello everyone!  Really excited at this opportunity to blog with two great guys within the Seattle Mariners fan base such as Griffin and Cody! There is going to be time to get to know one another and there will definitely be time to throw ideas and thoughts around.

Since I got access here I’ve just been itching to go and have been trying to figure out how I should do my first blog. There are so many ideas and things that I wanted to put up but all in due time.  I figured that an introduction should be first as well as some indoctrination in where I’m coming.

I grew up in the 90s of baseball. I was at Game 5 when Junior scored the winning run, I remember when Albert Belle was an Indian, Roberto Alomar was a Blue Jay, and when Cal Ripken Jr. played shortstop. I saw and still have the newspapers when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa where chasing the record books, and i remember when Safeco opened and being a little sad inside that Randy Johnson wasn’t making the first start.

However, through all of this and setting the emotion aside I am a hard core desensitized statistician. I grew up reading and memorizing baseball statistics and when i read of advanced  new and supposedly “better” statistics i got into that as well.

I am a big fan of Dave over at USSM as well as Jon over at Proball NW. I have yet to read “the book” but its on my to-do list and while I’m waiting for it, i make a habit of reading Tom Tango at inside the book. They are all amazing writers and make following baseball so much better. 

You won’t agree with all my opinions and I would hope not. I have the ability to understand and admit that I have it within me to be wrong. But, you see my goal of writing here, would be that you would appreciate my perspective and learn from it. None of us have it all solved and I’m sure that with time we will all grow in knowledge from each other.

Oh, one more thing. A big quark of mine in blogging. I love to name my subjects based on song titles or albums of what ive been listening too. This title just seemed really fitting, and is pretty easy to nail. In the future I’ll award  a crow point to whoever can guess the artist of the subject line. Crow points are completely useless and similar to schrutebucks.