Whats Wrong With Griffey?


Why has

Ken Griffey

Jr. been absent from the lineup? (Photo credit: dnak)

Many of you Mariners fans may be wondering why Griffey has been scratched from the lineup for the past three games. I have heard some questions as to why he has not been playing

To quell all uncertainty Ken Griffey Jr has what is called in lamen terms an inflamed colon.

Griffey described it to reporters like this:

“Tell you what: Why don’t you lie down on the floor and let someone kick you in the side a couple of times. That’s what it feels like.”

This is not the 90’s Griffey, and yes, this could be a cause for concern. Griffey had this injury on multiple occasions while with the Cincinnati Red’s. On top of all the other nagging things that bothered him in his tenure there.

Even with the Mariners using him sparingly in the OF, and primarily at DH, his health is a concern. The Mariners can prolong his career by doing exactly what they are doing and shutting him down even when minor things are bothering him.

With Endy Chavez in the fold as a capable starting OF, and Russell Branyan and Mike Sweeney able to handle a 1B/DH rotation if needed. It means we don’t even need to rush him back at all.

He has hardly been the reason the Mariners are the fifth best team in the league, and first in the AL West. In addition to boasting a top pitching staff, and defense. He has accounted for a .190 BA, 2 HR’s, and 5 RBI’s. That is well below the Mendoza line.

He does bring that nostalgia back though, and, when healthy, can contribute in a 30 HR 100 RBI way still. Well, if he lasted the whole season.