Mariners Talk Podcast 2nd Half Begins

Mariners Talk was suppose to be back on the air last Tuesday, we apologize for not being on the air but we are back and its about to be a big podcast.

Our last podcast broke our original time record of 2 hours and 30 minutes we went 30 minutes over that and went 3 hours and 1 minute…..wondering if we can break our own record again?

Probably not but we’ll give it a try anyways. Tonight Dan will not be joining us for the first hour but thankfully we will have someone else join us for the show to fill in for him for the first hour.

Getting back to the podcast me and Dan are finally back on the air after waiting a week and a half and the bad part is that we will not have a lot of good things to say about the Mariners and the way they have started off their second half.

But we will be talking good things too about the start the Mariners have had. Even though the Mariners have had a tough start there have been good things about the second half.

That will cover our first segment in the show, in our second segment we’ll get into our off-current topic.

The off-current topic of the show this week will be getting into which players need to go and talking about the July 31st trade deadline and who the Mariners could use that will help them in the playoff chase.

We’ll also be getting into a interesting talk that just developed on Twitter earlier today.

Oh yeah and if you would like to hear a certain song on Mariners Talk’s breaks let us know because we don’t mind taking request, but note that the songs can not be heavy metal we only accept classic rock, 70s-early 2000s music.

After our off-current topic we’ll go into our match ups for the upcoming week for the Mariners. We’ll get into who will be on the mound for the Mariners and who will be the key players for those games.

We’ll probably be talking about the match ups for about 20 minutes and after that we’ll take another break and then get into another off-current topic and talk about Felix Hernandez and his journey this year towards winning his 2nd Cy Young Award.

We’ll then finally wrap up the show by giving our final take on the Mariners and their upcoming week.

If you would like to call into tonight’s show please do and call in at 724-444-7444 and be sure to put in the Call ID at 129537#.

Go Mariners!!!!

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