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MLB Draft: Mariners Picks Round 11-40

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After the first 10 rounds of the MLB Draft, the Mariners have made some intriguing picks, starting the draft with two high school position players then making a run on pitching.

Today features rounds 11-40. It may seem like this draft picks are unimportant, but they provide ample depth for the farm, and on occasion a future superstar.


Mariners MLB Draft Picks Rounds 11-40:

Rounds 11-20:

Pick 321: Jay Muhammad, RHP, Coral Springs Christian Academy (FL).

Pick 351: Nelson Ward, SS, University of Georgia.

Pick 381: Marvin Gorgas, RHP, East Hampton HS (CT).

Pick 411: Chris Mariscal, SS, Fresno State (CA).

Pick 441: Lukas Schiraldi, RHP, University of Texas (TX).

Pick 471: Wayne Taylor, C, Stanford (CA).

Pick 501: Trey Cochran-Gill, RHP, Auburn (AL).

Pick 531: Nick Kiel, LHP, Bellevue Community College (WA).

Pick 561: Rohn Pierce, RHP, Canisius College (NY).

Pick 591: Hawtin Buchanan, RHP, Ole Miss (MS).

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