May 18, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Seattle Mariners Lloyd McClendon in the seventh inning against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Seattle wins 6-2. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Skepticism Of Lloyd McClendon Rises After Questionable Move

The other night, the Mariners pulled off a 3-1 win over their now big time AL West rival the Houston Astros thanks to Michael Saunders beating out a 2-out 2 RBI infield single in the bottom of the seventh.

But during that inning there was a point where we would have seen James Jones hit, but instead manager Lloyd McClendon decided to pinch hit, that’s right pinch hit one of his hottest hitters for Cole Gillespie who popped out for the second out.

Now please explain something to me. Why would you pinch hit for one of the hottest hitters on your team for a guy who struggles against left-handed pitching?

This righty vs lefty match-up crap is getting old. I’m tired of managers playing the odds and making questionable moves like this. In his post game interview Lloyd McClendon was quoted saying:

I’ll say this: In most instances, I want Jones to hit. We think he’ll be an everyday player and he’ll need to face those situations, but it was such a big point in the game and we felt we had a chance to get the matchup that we wanted.”

You think he’ll be an everyday player? He’ll need to face those situations? You would want Jones to hit? News flash McClendon, Jones is an everyday players, he should have faced that situation, and you should have let Jones hit!!!

I mean honestly, if you want Jones to face those situations then let him because seriously if Jones would have hit in that situation then he could have possibly have been the hero in that game and could have driven in not just one but possibly every runner with how well he’s hitting the ball.

Look I will say this, I like the way McClendon is managing this Mariner ball club but he continues to make questionable moves like this that make me not want him managing the Mariners.

I mean what would you have done in that situation last night?

Me? I would have let Jones get into that type of situation and let him hit, he may have grounded into a double play or gotten an out but you need to let a rookie who is possibly your future center fielder get into those situations and not put in a guy who struggles against left-handed pitching.

Basically, McClendon needs to start making some better choices when it comes to moves like this, otherwise there will be more of these posts to come.

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