Ken Griffey Jr. makes a grand slam into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame. What an amazing accomplishment for the man who played two decades worth of baseball!

Ken Griffey Jr Aloof And Awkward On ESPN

Fans know the name Ken Griffey Jr for having that amazing swing, that killer smile and charming personality. None of those showed up Wednesday in an interview with ESPN’s Linda Cohn.

Check out the video (marked as highlights, so not the entire thing) and the Twitter backlash that followed.

He looked like he’d rather be ANYWHERE else from the very beginning. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t call ESPN to cancel the interview on his way home to Florida (okay, that’s the last time I bring that up, I swear).

Here is what happened on Twitter afterwards.

But I guess it doesn’t end badly. Afterwards, Griffey called Cohn to apologize for his aloof behavior.

Okay. So, not really sure what was bugging Griffey. Perhaps he didn’t want to be on TV today. Maybe he knew the Mariners were gonna lose to Cleveland today. Not all to sure what that was about. But it’s not the kind of thing you want to be known for, not the Griffey were used to seeing…often.

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