Under-The-Radar Options For The 2014 Mariners

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September 10, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers left fielder Scott Van Slyke (33) hits a two run walk off home run to end the eleventh inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

1. OF/1B Scott Van Slyke

The Dodgers are looking to trade an outfielder, as they currently have  four (or in my opinion five) starting-caliber outfielders on their roster for only three spots. Andre Ethier seems to be the guy most believe will be moved, as he is a good enough player to entice a team in need of a corner outfielder, but he isn’t as good as Matt Kemp or Yasiel Puig, and his contract is a little unsightly. So unfortunately, this is one of those rare times when a team may choose to trade a better player over the worse one. Spoiled Dodgers.

What that means is that my target, Scott Van Slyke, may not be a likely candidate to move. The Dodgers may choose to move the more expensive, better player, and keep the cheap, versatile 4th outfielder. But let’s discuss “SVS” anyway.

Van Slyke has been up and down for his career, bouncing between the minors and majors based on what LA needed. But last year, after dominating in Triple-A to the tune of a 192 wRC+, he earned a full time roster spot as a bench bat both in the corner outfield and at first base.

In 152 plate appearances at the big league level, Van Slyke produced an impressive .240/.342/.465 line with a 129 WRC+ and 7 home runs ( a 27 homer pace over 600 plate appearances).

His batting average may not seem too appealing, but I think we are advanced enough to look beyond that, and see that he gets on base at a great clip, thanks to his 13.2% walk rate, and has a fair amount of pop.

If the Dodgers would be willing to move Van Slyke (likely in addition to Ethier or Matt Kemp) then he is someone the M’s should target. He would probably come cheap, maybe Erasmo Ramirez as the headliner, but could potentially be a 2+ win player in right or left field.

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  • Robert Muldhoon

    LOL @ SKS we have enough mediocrity on the team. I mean just WOW and give up Erasmo. NOT> And Johnson is more of the same ole chit we have.

    • JJ Allen Keller

      SVS would have led the M’s in wRC+ last year. How is that mediocre? And Erasmo is a back end starter with injury concerns. The M’s win a one for one trade like that.

      Not everyone is going to be an all star. All teams, even the good ones, have guys like that. Do you think everyone on the Cardinals, Red Sox, Yankees, etc are great? You have a couple great player, and then solid, 2-3 win guys around them. Thats how you win.

  • Mr Right Brain

    Erasmo is going to be a star.

    • JJ Allen Keller

      If he stays healthy, he is probably a #4. What makes you think he will be a star? Do you have something to support that?

      • Mr Right Brain

        Yes, I am good at spacial reasoning, and I have played the game. I have the ability to see some things most dont. Believe it,, or don’t.

        • JJ Allen Keller

          Well I do not mean to question you, but I just have a hard time believing anything without evidence. If you could explain your reasoning, I am willing to listen. But just making claims and saying you see things isnt enough.

          • Mr Right Brain

            Well you obviously know everything, because you pretty much do nothing by argue with everything everyone says, providing regurgitated stats.. that MAY or may not mean anything dependinh on the mood that player is in on any given day, how they ate.. their marriage issues.. politics.. being beat at call of duty before the game, doubts fears injuries, streaks, seeing the balk in slow motion….. see the isssue here,, is you have talked about it a lot, but you havent BEEN about it. Unless you have played the game ay a certain level.. you. Couldnt possibly understand. And that is not a put down or a clown, it’s just fact. You cant understand somthing you have no experience with, thats just human nature..

          • JJ Allen Keller

            First of all, that whole statement is a fallacy, strawman argument.

            I am having a discussion. Same as you. That is the point of the comments.

            All of those externals things may have an effect, sure. But if it doesnt show up in their performance, it doesnt matter And the stats we have do an amazing job of telling us what happened. I have played the game as well. I watch it. My uncle is a college coach. If we want to talk about that, we can, although it doesnt matter.

            Do you know who Gabe Kapler is? How about Cy Young winner Max Scherzer? Both embrace sabermetrics. That throws a wrench in your theory that the only people who like sabermetrics are nerds who have never played.

            Take these comments over to somewhere like USSM or Lookout Landing and see what they say. I have been 100% respectful, especially compared to what they would say.

          • Mr Right Brain

            I love it! lol!

          • Mr Right Brain

            Does it make yo u feel smart to argue numbers somone else calculated?

          • JJ Allen Keller

            Did you design and build the car you drive? Do you argue narratives that you created, or that you heard elsewhere? Did you invent the game of baseball that you know so much about?

          • Mr Right Brain

            Nope, but I am also not on Honda’s website arguing things I dont understand, armed with numberw somone else calculated. What I am saying, is you are not special. You repeatinh someone elses flawed theories. Saber is a TOOL. SABR drafted Dustin Ackley, Saber traded for Smoak when I was screaming for Chris Davis. Your opinion isnt worth a bunch.. because it’s not yours and it is flawed.

  • tedsfrozenhead

    .240 impressive? NOT

    • JJ Allen Keller

      “His batting average may not seem too appealing, but I think we are advanced enough to look beyond that, and see that he gets on base at a great clip, thanks to his 13.2% walk rate, and has a fair amount of pop.”

      I think its time we look past batting average, to stats that are much more important and telling. He gets on base, which is more important than just getting a hit. Walks count to. Like I said above, would have been the best hitter on the M’s last year.

      • Mr Right Brain

        He has a bad approach at the plate, and the league figured that out. He may fix that, the talent mis there. The problem here is you saber guys, who jump down everyones throats who mentions battting avg… it is as relative as any one stat you can focus on…. if I m looking at two firstbasemen and one hit 310 and the other hit 210, and the rest of their stat totals were the same.. I am taking Mr 310… everything is relative.

        • JJ Allen Keller

          And you would be wrong in doing so. You would take .310/.310/.310 over .210/.350/.500? That isnt even a saber thing. Thats just right vs wrong. No one in baseball, saber, traditional, GM, coach, player, would take the first guy. Players are evaluated in a different weay. Red Sox, Rays, Cards all have an extensive analytics department. And all teams use advanced stats in some capacity.
          If he has a bad approach at the plate, how is he able to get on base so much? 13.2% walk rate? That is amazing. You really need to support your claims otherwise they hold no weight.

          • Mr Right Brain

            You are a stat guy,, you think your numbers mean more then they do…. period. I am not going to sit and argue.

          • Mr Right Brain

            Congrats you got me to argue a bit.lol

  • Ron Hansen

    What About Josh Reddick? He Had A DowN Year Last YeaR. I Don’t Understand A Lot Of The New StaTs So I Am Curious What People That About Him. I Know That Oakland Probably Wouldn’t Want To Trade Within The Division But Like I Said I Am Curious As To See What Others Think

  • drwheelock

    Seattle needs to make a huge splash with the kind of financial resources they have now, and committed contracts for 2014 down to only $32.5M. I do like Scott Van Slyke a LOT though. We do need proven Vets like Cano/Ellsbury/Napoli or Morales, etc.

    I’m for Cano, but if no Cano then trade Franklin and Ackley goes back to 2B. Scott Van Slyke has great defense in all outfiled positions and 1B.

  • Wade Sawkins

    Jarrod Dyson could easily lead the legue in SB. Royals have Lorenzo Cain in CF.
    Rajai Davis is a FA so no trade needed.
    Matt Adams from Cards. 1B/DH would be a good add.
    Oswaldo Arcia from Twins. Yan Gomes from Indians.
    And of course that Giancarlo guy.