Gambling tips on baseball: who will win the World Series 2014?

The 2013 season of MLB is moving into the final stages now, which means we will soon know which two teams will be competing against each other for World Series glory. It also means that those people keen on baseball betting who have still to visit one of the bookies and place their bets on this do not have lots of time left to do so. However one of the plus points about waiting so long is that there are less teams you have to choose between, so of the six left, which side should you bet on to win the World Series 2014?

The favorites are the Red Sox, on 10/1, and the Dodgers on 8/1. These are also the only two sides to have already secured a place in the Championship Series, having won their respective Division Series’ 3-1. They both looked impressive in doing so, and this will make them popular bets for many, but the likes of the Detroit Tigers should also not be ruled out. For fans of the Seattle Mariners the odds are a little gloomier looking at 50/1. Neither the Red Sox nor the Dodgers are flawless however as many expected them to lose their Division Series’, showing how hard it can be to correctly call the MLB, and why some fans would rather play online casino games themed around baseball.

Most of these are slots, which means they are fast moving, exciting and easy to get into. Of course all forms of gambling involve some risk, but baseball themed slots games like Hot Shot give you about the best chance of a payout of any type of gaming. They also offer a unique take on sports gaming, with video and audio being employed to make the games atmospheric and immerse – while still providing the traditional slot machine format and jackpot that has always been so popular. Finally there is the convenience issue, with mobile casinos like ensuring that games like the five reel Hot Shot can be played wherever you are, at any time of the day.

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