Mariner's Offseason Targets: Where Are They Now?

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Last winter, the Mariners were often connected to some of the top free agent hitters, and for good reason. It is common knowledge that this team needed bats, and fast. They were at the bottom of the league in just about everything, and the front office saw that, and attempted to combat it.

They ended up getting a couple guys who fit the bill, but maybe not to the extent they wanted. Kendrys Morales was brought in for Jason Vargas. Michael Morse was acquired in exchange for John Jaso. Both are good hitters in their own right (Morales more so). But neither are game-changers like some of the top guys could have been.

Neither were the team’s first choices, clearly, and they had to settle after missing out on a few other, more appealing options.

So at the risk of living in the past, let’s review how some of the guys whom the M’s targeted have fared so far this season, and how they would have influenced this team.

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