Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Blake Beavan. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Mariners vs. Milwaukee Brewers - Spring Training 2013

The Seattle Mariners are going up against the Milwaukee Brewers. So far, the Seattle team has only lost one game during spring training. Sure, these games are mostly for bragging rights, but it’s definitely interesting and exciting to see how these games shape up. Having a 10-game winning streak and a 10-1 record is pretty awesome – spring training games or not. Currently it’s a league record (the previous record was 8 games in 1993)

Today’s starting lineup is:


  1. Aoki, RF (.200)
  2. Segura, SS (.438)
  3. Weeks, 2B (.200)
  4. Davis, DH (.235)
  5. Schafer, CF (.316)
  6. Crosby 3B (.000)
  7. Gindl, LF (.500)
  8. Morris, 1B (.125)
  9. Diaz, R, C (.200)

The team’s starting pitcher is Mike Fiers.


  1. Gutierrez, CF (.308)
  2. Ackley, 2B (.400)
  3. Morse, RF (.308)
  4. Morales, K. 1B (.357)
  5. Bay, LF (.500)
  6. Ibanez, DH (.538)
  7. Montero, C (.500)
  8. Catricala, 3B (.333)
  9. Ryan, SS (.500)

Blake Beavan will be starting for the Mariners.

The lineup looks strong for today, and I’m rooting for win number 11 today. The Brewers are up to bat first.

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