September 21, 2012; Boston, MA USA; Baltimore Orioles second baseman Robert Andino (11) makes a throw to first base during the fifth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Andino and the Seattle Mariners

Robert Andino‘s deal with the Seattle Mariners just about went unnoticed by many, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Andino’s was a gain from a deal with the Baltimore Orioles where they sent Trayvon Robinson packing for Birdland. While they have been criticized for this move – after all, it may seem odd to trade a young up and comer for someone who had a .211 batting average for 2012.

However, this 6′ tall second baseman and shortstop may have more to him than meets the immediate eye. For one, his batting average was .385 in 2007, and that was on the heels of two seasons with an average of less than .2. As recently as 2010 and 2011, his averages were .295 and .263, respectively.

As a fielder, he’s pretty strong with a .975 fielding average. Sure, he had 13 errors in the 2012 season, but he also has a lot of fielding experience, which will balance out a lot of the green Mariners on the field.  They’ll be gaining a guy who can play third base well, second base well, and who is a natural choice for shortstop. This kind of versatility isn’t hard to find. He’s also a relatively young veteran – only 28 when many of the men with similar experience are 34 or 35 years old.  That means he’s got some good years left in him – at least, he has some consistent years left in him.

With a smaller budget than the big spender teams, the Seattle Mariners have to get creative with their team-building efforts. We’ll have to watch and see whether Andino fulfills the roles it appears he will be fulfilling, but something tells me that Jack Zduriencik has something special in mind with his slow gathering of team members this season.

What do you think about the Robert Andino -Robinson trade? Was it a good or bad idea?

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