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Do-it-yourself Free Agent Mulling

Dave Cameron announced the arrival of the 2012  free agent list today on Fangraphs. This gives human beings with access to the internet the ability to compare players in the free agent pool, possibly within certain positions, and for any stat he or she wants.

Here, for instance, are all outfielders sorted by defensive range according to UZR over the last three seasons. You know, if range is what one is into in an M’s outfield signing.

Using the filters, here are the free agent first baseman with OBPs higher than .350. Coming off a down year, perhaps the Greek God of Walks could be had on the cheap?

And here I selected custom stats that might interest you—ERA, flyball rates and walk rates over the last three seasons—and I sorted the free agent starters by lowest walk rates.  Jeff Francis should be on any Mariners fan’s radar, if, that is, he or she is into another starter, and he or she doesn’t want to give up his or her firstborn in return.

Play around with the stats and share below what revs your engine…in terms of free agent signings, please.

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