Happy Fathers Day

This goes out to all my fellow Fathers out there.

I find holiday’s funny, because they embody feelings that we should practice on an everyday basis. This holiday is particular makes me smile, my fellow fathers realize that you never feel any more like a father on Fathers Day than you do everyday.

Regardless, it is kind of nice to have a day dedicated to you, and for that I feel blessed.

Seeing as I write about baseball I feel I somehow have to tie this post to America’s best game. Here it goes, just remember that while you get to sit at home with your wife/girlfriend and your children today and enjoy this special day with them, there are hundreds upon hundreds of players who are far away from home and don’t get to spend fathers day with them. So when your favorite players goes 0-4 today or gives up 8 runs in 1.1 innings, give just a little extra sympathy, we sometimes forget that they are people too.

So to all my Fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day. Sit down, have a beer, put your feet up and watch the game as uninterrupted as possible (with the kids of course) this day is all about you.


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