Mar 12, 2012; Peoria, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners third baseman Vinnie Catricala (left) is congratulated by second baseman Munenori Kawasaki (61) after hitting a solo home run during the third inning against the Texas Rangers at Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

Prospect Check-In: Position Player Edition

Vinnie Catricala 3B – AAA

.220/ .276/ .285

HR – 1

BB – 6.0 %

K – 12.7 %

ISO – .065

BABIP – .245

Catricala has struggled. After an absolute torrid spring, the third baseman was rewarded with a promotion from AA. Even though the early numbers aren’t promising, a low walk rate and BABIP aren’t helping the situation.  Vinnie is going to be just fine, he is just waiting on his luck to turn around. He’ll figure it out.


Carlos Triunfel SS – AAA

.280/ .338/ .448

HR – 5

BB – 6.0 %

K – 18.8 %

ISO – .183

BABIP – .308

Triunfel was one of my preseason picks to have a standout season. He hasn’t disappointed either, putting together one of the best early season power displays of his career. His walk and strikeout rates are troubling, but still…the power is very encouraging. Triunfel is a highly probable September call up.


Chih-Hsien Chiang RF – AAA

.272/ .300/ .333

HR – 1

BB – 4.3 %

K – 12.8 %

ISO – .064

BABIP – .305

Chiang was another on of my preseason picks to have a big season… well, I’m 1 for 2 anyways. It hasn’t been great thus far for the former Red Sox prospect. Lucky for him, and myself, it’s still early enough for him to turn it around. He has the tools, he just need to slow down and start drawing a few(several) more walks.


Nick Franklin SS – AA

.318/ .373/ .467

HR – 2

BB – 8.3 %

K – 13.2 %

ISO – .152

BABIP – .352

Franklin is a stud again. His splits against lefties are still worrisome enough to make one wonder how long the team will let him switch hit. Even with a slightly inflated BABIP it’s not a cause for serious concern, Franklin is going to continue to hit. If his offensive production carries on, I would expect to see him in AAA by the end of the year. A September spotting seems like a long shot, but I’ve seen stranger things.


Francisco Martinez 3B – AA

.273/ .331/ .352

HR – 0

BB – 8.1 %

K – 20.6 %

ISO – .081

BABIP – .354

It hasn’t been great, but he hasn’t been bad either. Still waiting on the power to show up this year.


Rich Poythress 1B – AA

.259/ .352/ .375

HR – 1

BB – 12.7 %

K – 11.1 %

ISO – .118

BABIP – .295

The power hasn’t been there yet for Poythress. But still, it’s mighty impressive to have a walk right higher than your K rate. The power will come at some point soon for Rich, but in the meantime, he is doing everything right.


Johermyn Chavez RF – AA

.287/ .357/ .436

HR – 3

BB – 8.9 %

K – 18.8 %

ISO – .149

BABIP – .338

Chavez is steady on the comeback trail. His walk rate is up, and while he is still swinging and missing a lot, he is putting the ball in play and the power is there early. Encouraging signs from a guy who put together an awful season last year.


John Hicks C – High A

.336/ .405/ .460

HR – 1

BB – 8.7 %

K – 13.5 %

ISO – .124

BABIP – .389

A offensive catcher, having an awesome offensive season down in High Desert. I’m going to be skeptical until he moves to AA.


Jack Marder C – High A

.360/ .422/ .533

HR – 2

BB – 7.2 %

K – 10.8 %

ISO – .173

BABIP – .391

Pretty much the same deal as Hicks. Both are sporting extraordinarily high BABIPs and enjoying the hitter friendly confines of their home park. I cannot wait to see Marder and Hicks once they move out of the California Desert.


Brad Miller SS – A

.298/ .393/ .573

HR – 6

BB – 13.7 %

K – 20.5 %

ISO – .274

BABIP – .337

Miller is a slightly more encouraging situation that Hicks and Marder due to his lower BABIP. But as with all prospects that play with the Mavericks, I need to see a bit of extended home/road splits to see how they are really developing.


James Jones RF – High A

.238/ .287/ .416

HR – 4

BB – 5.6 %

K – 30.6 %

ISO – .178

BABIP – .313

Jones is going to end up back at pitcher at this rate. 30 % strikeout rate? 5% walk rate? The power is there, but that is about it. Jones needs to pick it up, and soon.


Jabari Blash OF – Mid A

.217/ .331/ .481

HR – 7

BB – 12.5 %

K – 27.5 %

ISO – .272

BABIP – .238

Blash is off to an odd start. His low BABIP has resulted in a low average, but the walks are there, so the OBP hasn’t suffered much. I’d look for some of these anomalies to stabilize themselves as his season progresses. Blash could receive a promotion once his peripherals catch up with the rest of him.


Guillermo Pimentel OF – Mid A

.153/ .194/ .235

HR – 2

BB – 4.0 %

K – 34.3 %

ISO – .084

BABIP – .186

Pimentel piqued a lot of interest when he signed with Seattle a few years ago. Since then…well…this. Pimentel’s production has been awful, and if you pair that with the off the field issues and lack of dedication, the Mariners could have a potential dud on their hands.

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  • maqman

    There are surely some talents down on High Desert but it will be hard to evaluate until they move on up the line. Tacoma could use some fresh talent so it will be interesting to see who moves up from Jackson to join Pryor next and who replaces them on the Generals.  With Montero and Jaso looking good with the big club Hicks and Marder must be hoping the M’s don’t draft Zunino.

  • Mariner_Melee

    @maqman You can never have too much catching I suppose. 

  • MattyK

     @Mariner_Melee  @maqman I think that’s the thing about low-minors prospects. They’re just prospects, and the the chances are still against them. From the Mariner’s standpoint, 3 top catching prospects might be smart. I’m not so sure more than 1/3 work out anyway. 
    But yeah, from Hicks’ and Marder’s perspective, Zunino would not be conducive to more catching time higher up in the organization. 

  • maqman

    Well they moved Andy Carraway up to Tacoma first and not one of The Big Three.  It will be interesting tom see how he does at that level.

  • maqman

    Well they moved Andy Carraway up to Tacoma first and not one of The Big Three.  It will be interesting to see how he does at that level.