Mariners Finally Almost, Not Quite Yet, Sign Free-Agent George Sherrill

So… you wanted some type of news, any type of news, you rabid Prince Fielder-to-Mariners monger? Well we signed a left handed pitcher that throws in the high-80s and gets out a ton of lefties. How does that treat you? Yeah, your going to be a little upset and I see that now. But, that doesn’t make this an insignificant move.

I’ve been pretty sold on the Mariners making a move for a veteran reliever and while I kind of thought that they would be in on one of the established right handers nabbing George Sherrill isn’t a complete surprise to me. What is a surprise to many of us is that Jack Zduriencik finally added a left handed reliver to a bullpen that’s been rather light on left handed pitchings in general and hasn’t had any real decent left handed options over the past three years.

In fact here is a list of ALL the left handed pitchers that have appeared from the 2009, 10 and 11 rosters:


Jason Vargas, 9 games

Garrett Olson, 20 games

Luke French, 1 game


Chris Seddon, 14 games

Ryan Rowland-Smith, 7 games

Garrett Olson, 30 games

Luke French, 3 games


Aaron Laffey, 36 games

Cesar Jimenez, 8 games

Charlie Furbush, 1 game

So the Mariners used a total of 8 different lefties over 8 years, the most prominent of which was Garrett Olson who appeared in 50 games. I kind of just threw up in my mouth.

The Mariners have not utilized a decent lefty during Jay-Z (yeah, I just pulled that out) tenure as GM. So this is kind of a new move but at the same time he’s mentioned ever year that he’s wanted one so maybe this is just about opportunity presenting itself.

As for Sherrill you can see that since departing Seattle back in 2008 as a part of the Erik Bedard trade he’s been useful and then again not so useful.

2003 SEA-min 0.33 16 0 27.1 19 1 1 12 31   4.0 10.2 2.58
2004 SEA-min 2.32 36 13 50.1 42 13 4 9 62   1.6 11.1 6.89
2005 SEA-min 1.95 25 7 27.2 19 6 0 6 43   2.0 14.0 7.17
2008 BAL 4.73 57 31 53.1 47 28 6 33 58 95 5.6 9.8 1.76
2009 TOT 1.70 72 21 69.0 53 13 4 24 61 258 3.1 8.0 2.54
2009 BAL 2.40 42 20 41.1 34 11 3 13 39 192 2.8 8.5 3.00
2009 LAD 0.65 30 1 27.2 19 2 1 11 22 621 3.6 7.2 2.00
2010 LAD-min 2.45 4 0 3.2 5 1 0 0 5   0.0 12.3  
2010 LAD 6.69 65 0 36.1 46 27 4 24 25 58 5.9 6.2 1.04
2011 ATL 3.00 51 0 36.0 33 12 3 12 38 127 3.0 9.5 3.17
8 Seasons 3.68 440 56 323.0 274 132 27 153 320 117 4.3 8.9 2.09
162 Game Avg. 3.68 68 9 50 42 20 4 24 49 117 4.3 8.9 2.09

I’ve done this table like eight times. I don’t know why it randomly added three four minor league seasons to the list…. it’s just being retarded stupid a name that is not offensive to any various organization or individual.

Sherrill did some amazing things for an Atlanta bullpen that was already stacked. Looking at his xFIP splits, he posted an 1.04 versus lefties a long with an electric 14 k’s per 9. Against right handed hitters it was a different story, posting an xFIP of 5.73.

This is pretty much been the story his whole career. He KILLS left handed hitters. He eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But he should never face right handed hitters, as his career xFIP is more than double what it is against left hander foes (2.71 vs. 5.74).

Since leaving Seattle he has changed up his arsenal a bit. He had been mixing in a change-up and a curve previously but since being traded to the Dodgers he went straight slider-fastball combo. Speaking of his fastball, which was once touching the low-90′s at one time with the Mariners, it now sits in the mid-to-high 80s. It’s not flashy but it gets the job done.

I know a lot of people around here are ready for some flash and this move is completely not what fans want, but this is a solid pick-up and the only way it’s not is if the Mariners give him a multiyear deal or too much money (more than 2 million dollars, in my opinion). 

Note: According to the Jason Churchill tweet earlier in the day, that I had previously missed, it seems like the 1-year deal is right around $1.1m+incentives, which should be a good deal for both sides.

When you consider that Frank Francisco signed a 2 yr. $12m deal and Joe Nathan (who’s not pitched in two years) got a 2 yr. $14.5 mil. It’s a continuing sign that teams over value relief pitching and for Jack Zduriencik to pull a competent free-agent reliever out of the pile and not over paying him are a real feat and fuels the Z love machine.

So in others words “blah, blah, blah, I’m a Zduriencik homer and other mubo jumbo, blah, blah, blah “.

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  • maqman

    I had a feeling that they would go for him. He’s worth the money, as long as they throw him in against just lefties. He’s also the grizzled vet that can set the kids straight out in the bullpen.

  • maqman

    I had a feeling that they would go for him. He’s worth the money, as long as they throw him in against just lefties. He’s also the grizzled vet that can set the kids straight out in the bullpen.