As Of Right Now...

I know we’re all anxious about the Mariners finally making some real moves. I mean come on no one has the expectations of this team going into spring training with this current roster. 2012’s team is hopefully going to fill in if not a few hopefully at the very least one real hole in this line-up, but really considered the last 15+ days of deals.

Bruce Chen – 2 yr/$9 million

Clint Barmes – 2 yr/$10.5 million

Joe Nathan – 2 yr/$14 million, option year for $9 million.

Willie Bloomquist – 2 yr/$3.8 million


Does anyone else see a trend? Let me help, these are all bad deals if not borderline horrible. Until the market turns and players stop getting outrageous deals the Mariners have no buisness being involved in free-agency right now. I anticipate it to be quiet for at least another week and possibly until after the GM meetings.

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