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Even half way around the world they are still having black friday sales at the NEX (Naval Exchange) here on camp. If that’s not crazy I don’t know what is. I have to take that back as an old friend of mine posted a message on facebook saying that he was pulling an all nighter (at the age of 34) to get in on “Best Buy’s sweet deals”. Adam, buddy, that’s crazy.

Anyways, for those of you that are waking up and enjoying a nice cup of coffee on the day after Thanksgiving here is a few links (and thoughts) to read and be enjoyed a long with that joe.

1) I sound like a Cameron talking head a lot around here at times. But honestly I completely disagree with his stance on the CBA/draft but agree that it has a huge affect on the Mariners and their former international advantage. That said, his response to Geoff Baker was perhaps the moment I realized how much I wanted to hug a man that I’ve never met.

Don’t buy into any of that crap. Good teams win because they understand how to value player contributions on the field and figure out how to build a roster full of players who can produce beyond what they cost. Bad teams do things like sign a big name free agent to prove that they want to win to their fan bases and beat writers.  – Dave Cameron

I randomly stood up and started a slow clap at my desk.  

2) Speaking of cheering I loved Rob Neyer’s take on the CBA. If you haven’t read it take a look. Spoiler aleret his opinion is similar to mine.

Starling and his agent held out for $7.5 million because they knew they could get $7.5 million. What if they knew that $4 million was the Royals’ limit? Last I checked, $4 million was still a pretty fair amount of money. As great an athlete as Starling is, the odds are largely against him someday being worth $4 million in the NFL draft. – Rob Neyer

3) Last little bit on the CBA (I promise) is by Prospect Insiders’ Chris Crawford. I like Chris and his take on the draft. He’s such a smart guy and he speaks his mind. Now I don’t know if Chris and I are 100% in agreement with things but I appreciated his article for what it was.

“Tuesday I received a text from a prominent two-sport athlete in the class of 2012, whose exact words to me were “I guess I’m going to play football now.” Let that sink in a little bit.

With all that being said, I’m here to be the voice of reason. As much as I dislike these new rules, I’m here to tell prep athletes that baseball is still the path of enlightenment…” – Chris Crawford

4) Speaking of Prospect Insider, Adam Wong (also a Sodo Mojo alum) gives his perspective on Clint Barmes and Joe Nathan signings. It’s a good read and worth your time.

“…this signing makes abundantly clear what the free agent market values: power. The disparities between the two shortstops are painfully apparent: Barmes’ home run potential…” – Adam Wong

5) Speaking of Joe Nathan Fansided’s own John Parent (writing for our Rangers blog) had some thoughts on the Rangers and their new relief pitcher. He also had a really interesting piece on their current salary situation.

Even without Wilson, Texas will already be increasing payroll with raises due to Josh Hamilton (an extra $6.5 million), Adrian Beltre and Ian Kinsler ($1 million each), Scott Feldman ($2.1 million), and Colby Lewis ($1.25 million). All told, there’s an extra $11.85 million on the books for 2012 and that’s before significant raises that will be due for Mike Napoli and Nelson Cruz through arbitration. If we figure them at a total of $4 million between them, that’s close to $16 million in total and pushes the payroll North of $108 million before even addressing Wilson.

I really wonder what’s going to happen in Texas and their budget in the near future. Being that they have all sorts of money from the TV contract that they signed last year. The problem I have is that while they maybe the smart version of the Phillies there is a reason they aren’t going to pursue Prince Fielder. I honestly believe that as soon as next season they may not be able to afford him.

Between C.J. Wilson and a possible Josh Hamilton extention the Rangers are going to easily see their payroll grow to around and very likely past $130 million in just the next 12 months.

6)  Heading out to Ohio, I’m currently in completely adorement of one Jim Ingraham. I usually hate Cleveland in general, there really isn’t anything good about the city of Cleveland from my perspective (30 rock joke, no youtube for the reference). Not to mention they’ve really taken a lot from us in two crappy trades.

In all seriousness though Jim is being called out for leaving Justin Verlander off his MVP ballot.

In the 34 games (21 percent) of the Tigers’ season that Verlander appeared in, he was obviously overpowering, and in most games virtually unbeatable. But in 128 of the Tigers’ games (79 percent), he was no factor at all.- Jim Ingraham

Call me crazy, but I mostly agree with him. Not only that but I would go so far as to say that Miguel Cabrera had a larger impact and was the more valuable player on his team than Verlander. This isn’t to say Verlander didn’t deserve the Cy Young, he did. But there are just few arguments in which I can concieve a pitcher being more valuable than a hitter.

I love writers who can go against the grain start their opinoin in a smart way and not come across as a complete jerk. Very well done Jim.

7) DMZ of USSMariner fame had one of his former article (circa 2002) rerun this week at Baseball Prospectus. It basically goes into adding more awards to the league. As always it’s wonderfully written and of course hilariously ironic all at the same time. 

I’d like to propose more awards for the columnists. Sure, we had the Hank Aaron Award, which was supposed to clear some of this up, but MLB managed to botch that (way to honor Hank there, by the way). Some may argue we don’t need any more awards. But if three/league are good (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year), I say, the more the better. As rosters expand, so should our hearts. – Derek Zumsteg

8) A good little article on Matt Antonelli. If you remember or not he was someone that I thought might be a nice flyer I mentioned during my off-season plan. I didn’t think he’d get a major league roster spot but, much like Mike Axisa, I appluad the Orioles efforts in grabbing Antonelli.

9) Jon Shields collected a bunch of various articles on the slaying of Greg Halman.

I’m personally at the point to where I’m kind of avoiding the subject. If only because, I just have nothing really good to say on the subject.

I did met him once and it was in passing while in Montgomery. I do sincerely wish I could have experienced all the nice things people have said about him but all I can do at this point is pray for his family. 

This whole thing has just been so terribly sad. Following that up and speaking of nice stories to share on Halman, last link of the day is a shout out to Jay Yencich and his own personal article on Greg Halman. Very well written and one of my favorite out of all those produced.

My sincerest condolences to all the Halman family. You are in my prayers and I hope that everything can be resolved as soon as possible.

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