I took yesterday off as I’m currently trying to write out my yearly performance report (not exactly my favorite thing ever). I have another post that I want to write later on today, but I’m pretty thorough with my baseball reading and wanted to share a few of my favorite links from the past week.

Here we go:

Sam Menzin wrote a fantastic piece posted on the Fangraphs community research page about early use of statistics and even found a wonderful article published back in 1915.

John Sickles wrote some random prediction piece. It’s very short, but the comments were entertaining and even thought provoking. I may steal this idea shortly, but it’s worth a read.

Jack Zduriencik went on MLB radio and talked with Jim Bowden. Not a lot of information here that you probably didn’t already know, but Jack seems a bit more candid than he has in interviews past. The best part was the question of Felix being traded, Jack sounded like he was going to go into a tirade laced with expletives that would ended something like “So, suck it Cashman”.

I don’t know if you’re like me and just sometimes over look articles written over at Lookout Landing. Probably not, but just in case Jeff Sullivan wrote a great one on Mike Carp (per usual) that underlines my line of thinking with the added bonus comparing him to Nelson Cruz, which was amazing.

There was a really solid article put out a bit over a week ago on Eric Hosmer and his defense. While, I’m sure no one in Seattle was probably sweating over UZR not liking Hosmer’s defense, I thought the articles that talked much about positioning and pointed out some of the problems of UZR were excellent. Part 1 by Jeff Zimmerman and Part 2 by Conor Moyland area both very interesting and regardless of your interest in the Royals are solid reads.

While still in Royals country, Kevin Scobee, of Fansided’s own Kings of Kauffman, wrote a great rebuttal to that of former pitching coach Bob McClure. McClure recently did a Q&A for Fangraphs and while it was a mildly interesting read, Scobee absolutely hit the nail on the head in the defense of Brian Bannister and some of the things said.

Lastly, Kevin Goldstein published his “Future Shock: Mariners edition” this past week. You know me and I love talking Mariners prospects. I was surprised primarily at how high he had Martin Peguero (13 overall) and the assumed move of Brad Miller to second base is presumptuous and hardly needed at this time. I still maintain that Miller’s throwing errors are correctable; his arm strength is solid as is his range, which would make an at least average defensive shortstop. I’d keep him at short at least until he shows he’s absolutely unable to make corrections. Larry Stone also has some thoughts on Goldstein’s post.

While I’ve read a lot in the past week these are the things that have really stuck out to me, hope you enjoy.


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