Farewell David Aardsma (Oh, and Jeff Gray too)

This might be premature, and I certainly hope it is, but yesterday (or today if you read this soon) David Aardsma cleared waivers and was released. This makes me sad in general. I really like Aardsma, not just as a pitcher but as a person. The guy just really liked Seattle and bonded with the people of the city. He was one of the few guys in the last few years that oddly enjoyed being a Mariner.

I had hoped that the Mariners would be able to keep him and sign him to an incentive laden deal this year but I had thought about the fact the Mariners would have to release him to do that due to the arbitration rules.

Again, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t coming back. But his options now are much more wide open than before. Geoff Baker also reports Jeff Gray was claimed on waivers by the Twins. I’ll be 5$ he doesn’t make the opening day roster.

This isn’t to say Jeff Gray sucks and isn’t a major league pitcher, though he isn’t exactly shown to be a “good” or even an average reliever (ERA 4.28, xFIP 4.69), rather reflective of how fickle rosters are at this point in the off-season. He may even be released. These are the two least shocking shots fired to start off an off-season.

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