I Like Seeing Others Reiterate My Opinions

I like being justified. Don’t you? I like being right. But doesn’t everyone?  Call it an ego thing, but as I was making my rounds I came across Beyond the Box score’s annual Rookie-of-the-Year voting. For those of you that quietly thought “homer” apparently I’m not the only one.


The best quote is from the comments section:

“The reason I wasn’t so high on Hellickson is that a lot of his performance seemed to be luck-fueled. He had an extremely low BABIP (.223), and his ERA is largely the result of that.

I think the BABIP can be attributed to the defense behind him — the Rays’ defense is the best in baseball by far.  I give Pineda the edge for superior defense-independent numbers.”


I’m not arguing that Jeremy Hellickson isn’t as good of a pitcher as Michael Pineda. If you think that you’re missing the point, but I certainly believe that Pineda was the better pitcher of the two this year and despite the fact he won’t receive the recognition national he it doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it.

Also, gotta give a shout out to Dustin Ackley finishing second. I’m really excited about seeing more of him in 2012.

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