End of Season Word Association With Jason Churchill

This is part three of this series. Previous editions can be found here:

Kirby Arnold of the Everett Herald.
Jon Shields of Pro Ball NW

I sent out an invitation to members of the local media and blogosphere. I simply asked: “Hey, play word association with me, please?”

Some were kind enough to do so. This time we speak to Jason A. Churchill of ProspectInsider.com. Jason is easily one of the most personable dudes on Twitter and is always willing to pitch in to other bloggers like myself.

I imagine you are already following Jason on Twitter. If not, do it. Here are his responses:

Jack Zduriencik: Confident, genuine, open-minded.

Eric Wedge: Steady, patient, bold.

Ichiro: Pretty. Much. Done.

Felix Hernandez: Ace, tough, leader.

Miguel Olivo: Strong, tough, worker.

Dustin Ackley: Hitter, brilliant, confident.

Justin Smoak: Slugger, unsure.

Michael Pineda: Beast, beast, beat.

Mike Carp: Worker, smart.

Franklin Gutierrez: Strong, graceful.

Milton Bradley: Problem, waste, gone.

Dave Niehaus: My. Oh. My.


Thanks to Jason for pitching in.

Feel free to drop your word associations to the same players in the comments below. Or find a unicorn and send pictures to Adam. He loves those.

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