The Minor League Pitching Project...

Earlier this week I talked about our initiative to start using Facebook to house more of our media (Pictures/Media). We’ll also be using it to host discussions in the forums section. This will be an important feature as we move forward with tackling this Minor League Pitching project.

Speaking of the said project, I put up a new page above under the tab ‘THE MINORS’ and the page name is ‘THE MINOR LEAGUE PITCHING PROJECT’.  Where you can check the status of the project and find information as you seek it.

This is meant to be an initiative that we, as a site, can give back to the Seattle Mariners fandom and blogosphere community. But it also lays with all of you that visit the site. This is not something that is going to be done entirely by me (as much as I’d like to be able too.).

We need input by as many people as possible. Please spread it. E-mail it. Share it. Whatever. Let’s just try and create the best comprehensive list possible!



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