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Whenever I do these things I always end up saying something to the extent that I don’t do this often enough. There is such great baseball content out on the web and I feel like I should take more time to point it out.

With that in mind here are some links around various sites that I’ve enjoyed the over the past week. If you haven’t had a chance to get around to them I encourage you to take the time and read them. It’s worth it.

The first is a piece done by Rick Randal back in late August. When I think about guys in the blogosphere that I wish I knew better and had time to talk to at length, Rick would be near the top of the list. He has such a great mind and well thought out opinons. In this piece he does one of the best Q and A’s I’ve seen and he does it with non-other than Mariners top prospects Vinny Catricala.

I haven’t seen it talked about much other than the reporting that it happened. But, the Mariners decided earlier this week to promote traveling catching instructor and all around organizational good (and entertaining) guy to Special Assistant to the General Manager. It’ll be interesting to see how much this changes things within the organization going forward.

Jim Callis of Baseball America took a look at what the June 2012 draft could look like. Subscription is required but I’ll give you his short look out on the Mariners.

4. Mariners: Seattle desperately needs offense, and Georgia high school outfielder Byron Buxton has the best power/speed combination among the 2012s. Buxton also has a strong arm and would be the Mariners’ heir apparent to Ichiro in right field.

Buxton is certainly interesting, but right now as it stands I’d really like to see the Mariners come away with Mike Zunino. The Junior out of Florida is a solid catcher and could be that all-star middle of the line-up bat that we need while also playing a much needed position for this organization. As you know I love the draft, we’ll be talking a lot about it this off-season.

If you want to know more about how next year is shaping up for take a look at the article as well as the one that profiles the Top-50 draft prospects, compiled by none other than the spectacular Mr. Conor Glassey.

Speaking of prospects, SodoMojo took part in SeedlingstoStars weekly Harvesting Opinions piece.  The subject of which was submitted by myself. The question being: “How does the combination of Danny Hultzen, James PaxtonTaijuan Walker, and Jose Campos(you can even include Victor Sanchez in there too) compare to the top minor league arms in other organizations?”

Nathan and Wally’s answers are interesting and it’s a good view of some of our top prospects from outside eyes.

Lastly, I love hearing from the Mariners Pedro Grifol and while he didn’t say anything all that interesting but Jay Yencich took notes and had some really good comments. These types of posts are always important to me because I often miss a lot of radio call-ins or interviews just because of where I am. So I really appreciate people who take the time to make notes and post them.


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