Series Preview: White Sox at Mariners

If I were going to do a series preview about the White Sox visiting Safeco Field to play our Mariners, it would likely look like this.

In this preview:

  • Graphical Explorations!
  • Pitching Matchups
  • An Interview With Alex Carson

  • Graphical Explorations!

You all are probably starting to learn that I tinker. I’m a perfectionist that never achieves the desired result. I see stuff in my head and wish I had the skills to turn it into reality. So, while I work on that, here is a new graph format. It breaks everything down into categories instead of having one chart. One chart is nice, but it gets a bit crowded.

Both teams have bad offenses. The Mariners fielders field a bit above average, but their collective isn’t as good as other teams collective. Luckily, they are better than the White Sox collective. Both teams ate below average on the base paths. The Pale Hose have exactly league average starters as a group and a little below average relievers. The M’s are a lot below average on both. Ozzie Guillen isn’t what I’d call a great manager, but the Carsoncalc says his results have been good!


  • Pitching Matchups

We’ll have to see if the Mariners bats stay hot, especially now that they’re back in the uncozy confines of Safeco Field.

The M’s miss both Mark Buehrle and Edwin Jackson who are perhaps having better seasons than the three pitchers they are getting. However, Jake Peavy, John Danks and Gavin Floyd have all been contributors in their careers and their peripherals indicate they should perform better than they have. So, basically, I was just reaching for straws.

Charlie Furbush is clearly not a long term starting candidate for the rotation, but Safeco will help hide his blemishes, and he could sneak away with a win or no decision and a respectable result against a bad offense. He hopes our bad offense is better than theirs.

Michael Pineda has not been on a roll. He could be starting to get a bit tired, and the team probably agrees seeing as how they may run with a six-man rotation to ease the innings for both Pineda and Felix Hernandez. Hopefully this is a spot where he gets back on track.

Speaking of not on a roll: Jason Vargas! His first half was good, but his July and August have been miserable. He’s on the mound at Safeco tonight, which is exactly the type of place a soft-tossing flyball lefty wants to be.


  • An Interview With Alex Carson

Changing course from the interviews with fans/bloggers of other teams, I sat down with Alex Carson of to discuss how the Mariners might fare this weekend. Here is that interview:

AC: Okay, so the M’s offense has been off-the-chain the last several nights. Is it sustainable?

AC: Of course not. Don’t ask stupid questions.

AC: Gee, man. I didn’t mean to insult your intelligence. Let’s move on. What is your take, as a Mariners fan, on the pitching being awful and the hitting being good. This is totally opposite from how the year started! Weird, right?!

AC: Well. Doug Fister, David Pauley and Erik Bedard are gone. Anthony Vasquez and Furbush are here and Jamey Wright turned back into a pumpkin. The pitching side isn’t that weird at all. The hitting? Super weird.

AC: How soon can the Mariners realistically compete?

AC: WHY DOES EVERYONE ASK ME THIS? It’s like when you’re on a first date and you get asked “why are you single?”

AC: Touchy subject, eh?

AC: No, not at all. I love pouring large amounts of hours and dollars into a product that has only given small portions of enjoyment back.

AC: Will Ichiro reach 200 hits?

AC: Yes. He’s a wizard that’s been screwing with us all season. Reaching .300 seems as likely as a Willie Bloomquist homer, but he’s hot right now and I bet he ends with 202 hits.

AC: Okay, series prediction time.

AC: I’ve got the Mariners bookending wins and being shut down by Danks, a lefty. Pineda will pitch well in the second game, but giving up three runs over seven innings will be enough to do him in. Furbush will benefit from a hot offense having one more solid game and Vargas will see Safeco Field aid him to a 2-1 victory on Sunday.


Thanks again to Alex Carson for his time. Someone buy this guy a beer.

Saturday is Larry Bernandez bobblehead night, which I wouldn’t miss for the world. I’ll catch you all for a Cup of Mojo in the morning. Other than that, have a fab weekend!

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