Mariners End Streak, Disappoint All

Short recap tonight, but how about those Mariners?  Greg Johns gave some hope, but in the end, the Mariners couldn’t put enough offense together to make up for the horrendous pitching.  I’m not sure what’s gotten into Jason Vargas.  He seems due for one of those “bounce back” games, but tonight wasn’t one of them.  He gave up eight earned-runs.  Count ‘em: eight.  We’re 121 games into the season, and the Mariners as a club have only given up eight or more runs in 12 of those games.  Vargas single-handedly accounted for one more.  Now it’s 13 games of eight or more runs given up, and we all know 13 is unlucky.

Speaking of unlucky 13, that’s how many runs the Mariners gave up total tonight.  So that’s 13 games of eight or more runs given up, and 13 runs scored tonight – being that 13 is the most runs given up this season ever by the Mariners: does that make this the worst pitching performance of the year?  I’m not sure if it’s the worst, but it sure wasn’t one of the luckier ones.

I think the Mariners need to follow the same path with most players as they do with Carp: let them play!  Trayvon Robinson went 2-for-5 tonight, and yesterday he went 3-for-4.  I was skeptical at first – I still am – but with Trayvon getting the time in left field and Casper Well’s DH’ing, we could see improvements.  And improvements are good.

Speaking of Casper Wells, he hit his fourth homerun in as many days.  Wow, have I been waiting a long time to say that.  That’s an often used phrase, “he hit his ______ ________ in as many days”.  It’s supposed to be clever, which it is, but it’s just nice when you get to fill in the blanks, and the blanks are a number bigger than one and homerun.

Like I said, short post tonight.  Tomorrow, the Mariners go for the series win.  That would make it two series wins in a row.  Scary.

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