If Smoak heads to the DL...

Who do you bring up?

I’m not saying he will head to the disabled list, and at this point I doubt he will, but If Justin Smoak‘s thumb is bad enough to land him on the DL who do you bring up?

The possibilities are truly endless because of the flexibility the M’s have right now. Want to bring up Alex Liddi? just move Seager to 2nd and play Ackley at first of DH. Matt Mangini your man? Play him at DH and move Carp back out to LF. Saunders, Wilson, or Robinson? Carp splits time at 1B and DH, with Kennedy taking the other 1B time, leaving an opening for an outfielder and part time DH.

You could even bring up Jose Yepez is you wanted to (though I’m not sure why’d you want to) and play Olivo at DH every day with Carp at first. It really is amazing how versatile the roster is right now, especially after opposite has been true for most of the last 2.5 years.

So how would you rework things if you had fill Smoak’s roster spot for couple weeks?

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  • alex.carson

    My guess, or perhaps hope: Call up Wily Mo.

    Vs RHP: Kennedy 1B, Carp DH; Vs LHP: Carp 1B, Wily Mo DH

  • Keith_12thMR

    @alex.carson I intentionally include Wily Mo. I believe he’s the most likely, but I wanted to see how long it would take till someone mentioned him. apparently the answer is “not very long.”

  • Harrison_Crow

    @alex.carson I agree, Willy Mo is the most likely the candidate at this time and honestly he may actually be the best candidate.

    I’m not ready to see Peguero, I think Saunders needs more time and Liddi just isn’t ready (IMO).

  • maqman

    It will give Carp a chance to show what he’s got at 1B, which is good if Smoak does permanently flame out – not that I expect him to. Wily Mo should come to The Show! He’ll sell tickets. If not him then new toy Trayvon should be tried on to see if he fits.