Tom Wilhelmsen Re-Called


It’s kind of interesting that Tom Wilhelmsen is recalled from AA. I like the guy but as far as baseball goes he’s not had the best year. After last year Wilhelmsen looked like a good back of the bullpen option. This year, he dropped some velocity, lost his command and struggled with mechanics. Not what we were expecting.

That’s okay, this season is all about opportunities. With all the question marks surrounding the 5th starter and Michael Pineda becoming dangerously close to maxing out his innings for this year (and we’re only in August) the Mariners need some good, live arms.

Wilhelmsen may not be the best available arm in the organization, but he’s certainly got the potential to be a good pitcher. Let’s hope that he figures it out, he’s certainly a great guy.

I know we all got tired of all the rehabilitation stories the media was pumping out on the guy early in the season. But partial it’s because he’s a legitimately a good guy and with all the bad experiences the organization has had (you know with losing constantly) it’s nice to be reminded that the ball players are people too.

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