Dan Cortes Recalled?


Nothing official just yet but, Divish is a trusted source. You can see the takes on what all the other sites  (Proball NW, LookoutLanding, USS:M) wrote. It’s ultimately perplexing, it’s odd timing and unlike Lueke, Cortes, hasn’t been good in Tacoma.

That said he hasn’t been bad. His tRA+ is 101 and while he has walked a ton of batters (over 6 per 9; 15.5% of hitters.), he’s struck out a ton of hitters too (10 per 9; 25.9% of hitters).  Another interesting little stat is his O-xO which is basically outs minus expected outs. It measures a few different factors to include defensive support, luck and park factors. Currently Cortes is sitting at -3 which isn’t much but it shows that he has had a bit of bad luck. Emphasized by his BABIP sitting north of .400.

Maybe the front office believes enough in his stuff to see beyond the walks. He’s not a shut down reliever… yet. But like everyone has said the potential is there and being at the major league level maybe he can work through that issue.

I don’t know maybe someone lost bet too. That’s my other conclusion.

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