You Wanted A Move... It's Here


Okay, it may not be what everyone was expecting. With all the on going speculation from Doug Fister to Chone Figgins, we’ve all been patiently waiting, hoping that Jack Zduriencik can add some key pieces to this organization.

It’s very possible nothing happens. I tend to believe that there just isn’t as much of a market for bats in a long term sense as we all would like to think that there is. Teams aren’t just giving away long term, cost controlled pieces.

Until the front office figures it all out we can settle for the might swings and occasional moon shots of Wily Mo Pena.

It’s an interesting pick-up as his power is uncanny and left field will be of no real issue. But he has struggled rather mightily with any type curveball/slider/bendy thing.

He’s the right handed version of Carlos Peguero and while we get that for free, being that he’s 29 now and not 22 (like Peguero), he’s less interesting than what he could have been at 26 after he was cut by the Washington Nationals in 2008.

I know a lot of fans will get excited about this but really it doesn’t do much for me. Come on Jack, you can do better.

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