The Importance of #17

Here are a few things that are important about the number 17 according to wikipedia and google:

  • It is the name of a magazine, that oddly is marketed to 14 year old girls.
  • According to MIT, it is the world’s least random number.
  • The number of syllables in a Haiku.
  • Matt Kenseth’s NASCAR number.
  • It is apparently the age that Wizards  “come of age” in the Harry Potter books
  • Half-Life 2 takes place around City 17.
  • Group 17 on the periodic table is the Halogens.
  • Chlorine
  • It is the minimum number of given for a Soduko puzzle to have a unique solution
  • 17 is known as the Feller number, after the famous mathematician William Feller who taught at Princeton University for many years. Feller would say, when discussing an unsolved mathematical problem, that if it could be proved for the case n = 17 then it could be proved for all positive integers n.
  • 17 is the first number that can be written as the sum of a positive cube and a positive square in two different ways; that is, the smallest n such that x3 + y2 = n has two different solutions for x and y positive integers.
  • The Seattle Mariners record losing streak. WHICH IS NOW OVER!

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