Guarantee Friday

Well down here, Montgomery, Alabama, today is the South Eastern Conference media day. Coaches and players talking with different news agencies all while everyone is getting ramped up more than ever for the first game of the season (only 50 games away).

The local radio station does a crazy thing called guarantee Friday every year on this day. Basically everyone makes 3 predictions on what they can expect from the season. In association with the start of the second half of the season, I’d like to make my three picks or “guarantees”  if you will.

Justin Smoak will hit more than 20 Home Runs.

The guy has power and he’s going to hit home runs, it’s just about getitng him out of whatever “funk” he’s in right now.

Mariners will finish third in the division.

We’re bad… but the Oakland Athletics are worst. I don’t feel sorry for them, I had picked them to win the division, which looks as ridiculous as my pre-season pick for the Pirates to be a .500 team. But to quote the most amazing Billy Joel, “You may right, I maybe crazy, but it just maybe a lunatic you’re looking for…”

Carlos Peguero will be beat to death.

Seriously he had that one good at bat to earn a walk and then it’s like he forgot all about how to take pitches and just swung like a wild man with no concern for where the ball was actually going. I’m convinced that either Doug Fister or Jason Vargas are eventually charged with the crime. Either way it’s more entertaining than the Roger Clemens trail… oh wait is that over already? I guess we all have to wait another few months.

What are your three?

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