Aardsma To Have Surgery

More bad news Mariner fans…


Aardsma to have Tommy John Surgery.

-per Shannon Drayer


I have to admit I saw this coming. I was specifically thinking about it after Brett Anderson was announced to have surgery and Jeff Sullivan’s post over at Lookout Landing yesterday.

This could change the Mariners plans with Brandon League. I still think they could flip him if they get an the right offer. But I don’t see that happening and really I haven’t seen it happening. It doesn’t make it any better that neither Dan Cortes or Josh Lueke have been very good this year.

While they haven’t been bad, they haven’t been nearly as exciting as any of us thought. Its too bad they both continue to squander an opportunity in which a big league club could use their help.

As for Aardsma, he’s a great guy personally (from what I can tell and been told), it’s just too bad to see this happen to someone who’s worked so very hard. Best of luck to him and a quick recovery.

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