Mariners RAA All-Star Break Leaderboard

My apologies for how these came out.




Brendan Ryan was a cut above the rest and I have some personal thoughts on this with a post coming soon.

Miguel Olivo‘s deal wasn’t liked very much at the beginning of the season and here he is sitting 4th overall in team’s RAA/WAR.

Adam Kennedy has pretty much been awesome this year and is on pace to produce his highest amount of Wins Above Replacement since 2005.

Franklin Gutierrez has struggled so badly at the plate; he and Greg Halman are nearly equal in their production so far this year.

Dustin Ackley has played all of 3 weeks and has already accumulated 1 WAR. Right now he’s on pace to produce an 8.1 wins above replace over 162 games. I doubt he keeps this up but can you imagine him posting another 3 1/2 wins in the remaining games and being worth 4.5 WAR at the end of the season?

Justin Smoak is going through some struggles and I’ll have an interesting post on him in a few days. In the meantime understand that he’s going to break out of the “slump” I just think they need to give him time.


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