All Star Break Programming Change

Here we are; mid-July’s annual annoying baseball-free three day stretch. Personally, I find the home run derby to be pointless, and the all-star game itself to surprisingly boring. So as a fan I find this week to painful, as there’s simply no games to watch.

As a writer, though, the three day break from games gives me an opportunity to spend some time writing about things that I seem to never have time for. That was the plan at least, until the Mariners decided to ruin my plans by going into the break losers of 5 in a row, and are now 7.5 games back. You see, the plan was to spend this baseball-free time to go through the entire debate, point by point, on whether the Mariner’s should buy or sell at the upcoming trading deadline.

That’s pretty much a waste of time now. Any thoughts of possibly “going for it” and trying to contend for a title this year disappeared along with the Mariner’s offense. The Mariners are now in full fledged seller territory. So instead of interesting time-intensive posts, you’re stuck reading this nonsense. And for that, I’m sorry.


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