Poll: Mariner Minor League All-Stars

With the Minor League All-Star break already upon us I thought it a good idea to take a quick poll about the good/bad of the minor league season this year.


This is your chance to vote for your internal all-stars. 5 votes, 20 players (+ a write in ballot), who do you choose?


Who has impressed you most this MINOR league season?

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while there has certainly been good things what about the bad things? Who has disappointed you this season? Again 5 votes, 20 players (+ another write-in) you make the choice.

Who has disappointed you most this MINOR league season?

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  • http://Retired maqman

    Some of the guys I haven’t followed much so my votes are a bit misinformed. I’m more familiar with who’s doing well compared to who isn’t. I was hot for Cat the Bat but Conor’s got a post on Mariners Farm Review today that indicates that he’s pretty much just a bat without any other skills. Shaffer has impressed me but he’s about 25 years old and still in AA, there must be a reason. Carraway stands out in a weak pitching cadre above Clinton. Franklin has disappointed so far, hopefully he gets his act together. Paxton and Walker are showing promise, let’s hope they deliver the goods.

    • Keith Myers

      After Franklin’s year in 2010, and the fact that he wasn’t promoted to a higher level to start this season, I was expecting him to really dominate in the early going this season. Very dissapointing…

    • Harrison Crow

      I’ll tell ya Shaffer has me as well as some other people impressed. I’d LOVE to see him walk more but so far I can’t say that I’m not intrigued. He made adjustments and went with it.

      He’s going through a rough patch right now but I expect him to get himself out of it. As for Catricala I think he’s stud. He may just be a first base type mit but the team needs hitters and any type of hitters. If he can hit above league average the Mariners will find somewhere to put him. The thing is trying to figure out if he’s going to be better than league average.

      I do agree with Conor though… he’s certainly not a third basemen.

      • http://www.marinercentral.com Lonnie

        The problem with Shaffer is that he might be the worst defender in all of the Mariners minor league system. It will be damn hard to find a place for him that doesn’t start with D and end with H.

        I wouldn’t put much faith in what you read on the internet w/r/t Vinnie Catricala. Most of the stuff you find is just parroted from elsewhere. Who gave him those grades? What are the grader’s qualifications? How much weight should you give to a well-worded article that lacks any real meat? It is damn easy to say that a player has a slow bat, but if you are going to say such a thing then the onus is on you to back it up with some proof.

        I’m sorry, I just had to vent my spleen a bit there…

        I’d voted to add a write-in for disappointing player, and that is Nate Tenbrink. I was really hoping for more from Nate, and we may yet see it, so far, not so good.


        • Harrison Crow

          You know I can’t believe I forgot Nate on there. I honestly had him written in…

          I had HUGE expectations for Tenbrink, maybe highest for anyone on the team. Really disappointed in how he’s been this year.