Mike Carp Promoted To The Big Leagues


I know what Dave Cameron and Jason Churchill say about Carp. Pacific Coast League numbers and where he’s at with his approach and swing. Truth be told, they’re right. What Mike Carp is doing in AAA is A) unsustainable and B) not his natural talent level.

But with how the offense has been over the last two days is ridiculous after their offensive out put in Seattle. We’re in one of the best offensive hitting parks in the league and yet we get nothing.

You can say all the negative things about Carlos Peguero you want he’s still got a wOBA of .312 and that’s 4th on the team. As Dave Cameron said last night, something has to change. I still don’t understand why they aren’t giving more at bats to Chris Gimenez against left handers. They can stick him in left field or substitute for Jack Cust or even let him hit right handers to give Miguel Olivo a day off here and there.

It’s not that I think he’s the second coming. He’s a maybe a bit better than league average, but a league average bat would be really helpful at this point.

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