More Info On Hultzen

Here is some infor for some you that are depressed with the Hultzen pick. This is taken from Seedlings to Stars…

Hultzen lacks the power stuff to be regarded as a future ace, but, with the rest of his assets he has the potential to be a solid #2 starter. If the Mariners remain committed to keeping Felix Hernandez around, and Michael Pineda continues to develop he could slot in behind those guys giving Seattle a deadly trio of arms in their rotation.

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Here is another story for you by Fansideds’ own Jared MacDonald


In addition to pure stuff, Hultzen’s main selling point is the pinpoint accuracy of each of his pitches. This season, in addition to going 10-3 with a 1.59 ERA in 96.1 innings, Hultzen managed an uncanny 136 strikeouts (12.7 K/9) versus just 16 walks (1.5 BB/9), largely in part to his exceptional ability to paint both sides of the plate while pounding the strike zone.

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  • SodoJoe

    After listening to the interview on Brock and Salk today I do feel a bit more comfortable with the pick. My initial reaction is that we tried to go outside the box again and before Jack Z, that has usually hurt us in the long run.

    • Harrison Crow

      Your initial reaction was ridiculous. You know nothing about him, give him a chance.

      I’m tired of retyping this over and over. But the fact is that no one is an expert on the draft up until maybe a few days prior.

      Ask Chris Crawford, Ask myself. Ask someone who has followed these guys for the past 6 months. Heck even Jason Churchill could tell you he’s going to be at least be good pitcher. Now, he’ll also rave on and on about how it was “Jacks’ pick” not McNamaras’ but is what it is.

      Stop getting caught up with the “names” that were on the board. People need to stop holding on to Jeff Clement and Brandon Morrow. It’s getting to unhealthy levels.

      Hultzen is a solid pick. Would he have been mine? No. I’ve already said that. But it’s who we have.

  • Coug1990

    The more I read about how McNamara practically lived in Charlottesville, the less I believe that this was Jack’s pick. In my mind, that Tom drafted two more Virginia players early verifies to me that Tom thoroughly scouted Hultzen and Virginia and made the pick.

    • Harrison Crow

      I’m not saying it’s true but my thoughts are someone feels a little embarrassed about being wrong and just trying to put together dots that don’t go together. Just my two cents.

      Jack and Tom go way back and even if it was Jack who made the call, I can’t believe that they would lie about it. That wouldn’t make any sense. This type of drama is stupid and ridiculous speculation. It serves little purpose.

  • Coug1990

    That makes a lot of sense. I really do like most Mariners blogs and they mostly all give great information.

    As I wrote in the chat, some people do take themselves too seriously. I have read instances of it and have been involved personally on another Mariner site. As you wrote, it is stupid. That is one of the reasons I like your writing, it is intelligent without the arrogance.

    Anyway, I read the two links and I just think that Hultzen may turn out better than anyone around these parts thinks. He gets knocked around Seattle because he is not a college bat. But, we saw what the Giants did last year with a dominant rotation.