Kevin Cron, Welcome To Seattle

Kevin Cron (Think CROW-OWN), brother of Angles first round pick CJ, is a big time power hitter. You want power, this guy has it. Even as a right handed power hitter he has solid opposite field power. He has an advanced approach to the plate and is just a pure power hitter. I look at him similar to a Rich Poythress but he’s already bigger than Poythress standing 6’5 and 250 lbs.

Cron, formerly a catcher for his high school is just too big to stay at catcher. Similarly to his brother he needs to move off, but his bat is going to play at first base. His bat has the potential to move quickly and being at a non-prime position he only limits himself.

Where Miller was a bit of a reach in reality Cron is about right where he should have gone. I think he’s going to be a bit of a tougher sign. Not because of money but simply because there is that commitment to school and TCU which has a solid college program.

Not a huge fan of the pick. I’m surprised that it’s not a college bat. But it’s hard to dislike the pick at the same time. He’s a solid guy.

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