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Just in case you missed it this weekend.

Have heard the Mariners (No. 2 pick) would probably take the either Gerrit Cole or Anthony Rendon, whomever the Pirates pass on …

that the Diamondbacks, at No. 3, covet Virginia LHP Danny Hultzen, who was electric on Friday night with Seattle scouting director Tommy McNamara in the house.

– Keith Law, ESPN (insider only)

It’s not shocking, actually it’s kind of a duh moment. But I must admit that I’ve been kind of rolling things around in my head over the last few weeks wondering whether the Mariners were considering anyone outside of the “big two”.

Obviously they haven’t completely shut the door (which should go without saying, it’s the smart thing to do as you never really know what could happen). Hultzen is certainly an intriguing arm. But I think I may prefer Jed Bradley to him. Just my opinion.

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