2 More Sent To the Minors

According to Lookout Landing the Mariners have apparently optioned both Chris Smith and Dan Cortes to the Minor Leagues. I haven’t found any links from the teaming stating such but I trust Jeff to know whats going on.

I’m not the least bit surprised by Cortes. I’ve not felt comfortable with him pitching since the beginning of the off-season. He wasn’t very good in his appearances in Venezuela and while that may have just been him working on something specific, he hasn’t looked sharp during spring training either. He really needs time to fix… something and Tacoma is the place to do that.

As for Chris Smith, he was someone I was interested in keeping on the big league staff. I hope he sticks around the organization, as I said previously, I find him mildly interesting with showing the ability to throw more pitches for strikes and showing a bit more control than before he could be useful down the strech as injuries occur.

Stick around, we still have 20+ cuts to go in the next 13 days.

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