Quick Notes: Saunders Stance Change and Short Hops

Normally this would just be a quick twitter “retweet” but it’s just so good that I wanted to make a quick note of it here on the blog. Ryan Divish of the Tacoma News Tribune put together a piece on Michael Saunders change in stance. It’s extremely interesting and deserves a read.

While I’m at it here is another reading assignment. Marc W of USS:Mariner put together a phenomenal response to the book “Short Hops”. Short Hops is an effort  to basically be anti-Moneyball. Kind of silly in my mind but Marc did an awesome little response to it. I appreciated it and I hope you do too.

NOTE: I really like the way that Saunders as lowered his hands. I am really interested to hear from Jason Churchill and peeps on this move.

Tags: Michael Saunders

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