Mariner Movement: Part Deux

Just to catch up from the last two days. Of course the Mariners moved Yoervis Medina and Blake Beavan. Yawn… not surprised.

Then just about half an hour ago.

Roe maybe a half way decent middle reliever. I really don’t know. But he has options so off he goes.

As for Seddon, I wasn’t impressed that he came back, in fact I’m a little annoyed by it. I feel like Chris and I have this long drown out story my boss once told me. See my boss was told by his boss to never to come to his office uninvited and then he did and his boss didn’t like him for it. But it was a complete misunderstanding, because he had to come to his office and now their friends. If one could ever be friends with ones boss. Anyways, It’s basically like that. Only I doubt Chris and I will never be friends. So, yeah.

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